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Bioinf @Bugaco

Bioinformatics section hosts tools that are useful to biologist.
The Clusterer is a tool that does cluster analysis based on aligned sequences in Fasta format. More...
The ChimeraBuster is a tool that finds putative chimeras in set of sequences. More ...
Sequence conversion utility features conversion between most popular sequence formats, including FASTA, GenBank, NEXUS, and less well known ones such as Stockholm. To find more about the tool visit Sequence conversion home page.
Punnett square online calculator features monohybrid, dihybrid autosomal and sex-linked trait calculator.
DNA reverse and complementary sequence generator is available. It allows generation of reverse, complementary and reverse complementart DNA and RNA sequences.
Dilution calculator is available. It allows calculating how much solution needs to be mixed with water to get solution of different concentration.

Games @Bugaco

There is a 2 simple java games written about a decade ago. They are also available here, and they are addictive fun to play. Click-o-mania and Cyclick-o-mania are applet clones of the same windows game, so that people can enjoy them on the web.

Java Flash Library @Bugaco

There are some other projects that I play with occasionally.
One of the projects is jflvlib, an library that allows you to generate Flash Movies from your java code. Reason for writting this library is to allow me to generate movies from scientific simulations. It is mildly popular, and it's hosted on SourceForge.net - check it out if you are interested in this type of the library, it has very simple API.

VAT and GST calculator

Value Added Tax and Goods and Services Tax Calculator allow you to calculate amount of tax you will or you did pay due to the VAT or GST. It features Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and Singapure's GST.

SHA1 and MD5 Checksum calculator

This is online calculator that lets you calculate MD5 and SHA1 of file from your computer without uploading it to the internet.

Create Database and User Wizard

Create Database and User wizard is a simple mysql script generator that generated create database, create user and grant all privilegies scripts.